How can Reiki be given to someone or used in an environment?

Below you will find some ways that Reiki can be used for yourself and for your environment. These descriptions are broad outlines on the wonderful ways in which Reiki can help you everyday.

Hands on Healing:

Providing Reiki Healing to someone by placing your hands on them is a beautiful, reassuring way of providing someone with Reiki. The person receiving the healing may feel warm or cool sensations, a tingling sensation, they may see colours of feel cool breezes. All sensations are normal for the person receiving the healing.

Reiki energy can also be placed into object such as pillows, toys, crystals, furniture, food and drink. I absolutely love charging gifts with Reiki; it is adding that extra bit of love to a present no matter how big or small.

Distant Healing:

Reiki can be used to send healing to a person who is not with you, this is known as distant healing or psychic healing. If there is someone who requires Reiki energy and you can not physically touch them, Reiki can be sent to them for when they need it. This could be to help any issue, physical or emotional. You can also send Reiki to future events. If there is an important event coming up for you; you can send yourself a boost of Reiki for that event which assists in feeling calm, in control and focussed when you need it most.

Clearing a home or office:

Reiki can be used to cleanse a space of negative energy or energy that is no longer useful and replace it with beautiful calm Reiki energy. Cleansing your home and office will have wonderful effects for those who come into the space. Reiki can also be used to move on any unwanted spirits in a home.

I hope everyone has a lovely day.