Spending time with my family and friends on an amazing holiday has led me to think a lot about time. We think about money brining us happiness but I think having time is also very important.

Time is a constant measure that is always moving, we can not stop it from moving and one day our time in this life will end. I have found time will seem to move at different rates depending on our actions and the actions of those that we spend time with. To make the most of every mili second, the way to slow down time is to focus on every present moment. To be aware of our breath in a moment, the happiness that can be found in every moment is very powerful. If we focus on time that has been lost or wishing time away to get to the next good moment, it is almost as though we are wasting present moments that could have brought joy. Spending 5 seconds focussing on your breath and something beautiful around you helps to centre your awareness, bring peace, and help create a more beautiful reality.

I also believe that giving someone the gift of your time in a loving, selfless way if the ultimate gift. To give someone your 100% attention, listening to what they are saying and how they are feeling and not listening to make a comment about how you feel is a beautiful way of showing someone how valued they are. When you listen and give your selfless time to another, you will find that when you speak to people in this world they will also listen to you. It is universal law. Be who you would like others to be and watch your world change. xx