Meditation at Authentic Self – September 25


Meditation night for those attuned to Reiki, Seichim and/or Karuna.

  • A guided Meditation
  • Reiki knowledge – where we revise our learning
  • Healing in person or over distance to those who are attending. I will provide dedicated healing to all present, and if you are in person you can give hands on healing to others. If on zoom, you will be paired and offer healing to each other.

It will be a great way of you connecting to yourself and also being able to keep your Reiki, Seichim and Karuna front of mind.

The focus is on real time connection and offering healing to each other through energy exchange, at this stage they will not be recorded to respect privacy of those attending.

Start times will be 7:00pm and run through to approximately 8:30pm (we may go over time)