House Clearings

Energy Healing

About House Clearings

Our homes hold onto energy from the past.  A house clearing will remove any energy that is no longer needed and recharge it with positive energy.  A clearing is recommended if you move into a new house or office or if you feel uncomfortable in the space.

Our homes should be a place of peace and relaxation.  When we are able to rest at home and get the sleep that we need then our day to day lives run much smoother.  However if we feel nervous or unsettled in our homes this can have a negative effect in all areas of our lives.


What to expect

A house clearing will involve one or two people coming to your home or office depending on what is happening in the space.  If you would like to re-invigorate the energy then only one person would be required, however if there is a spirit that needs to be removed this will be done with two people.

I would recommend having any new home cleared before moving in.

When the House/Office clearing has been completed I will leave a gift bag filled with useful items that can be used in the space after I have gone to help maintain balance.

Price: $195 – $595

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