Reiki One

Energy Healing

About Reiki One

The first level of Reiki is known as Reiki One and teaches students the “hands on healing method”.  All healing is achieved by placing hands on the physical body with the intention to heal.  The focus during Reiki One is self healing. It is important to begin ones own healing before healing other people.

The Reiki One workshop has a profound effect on people.  You will leave feeling lighter, brighter and most importantly more connected and grounded.  It is a day of self healing, of clearing old energy and making positive change to the way you see the world and the way the world then presents itself to you. This workshop is the first step in your healing journey and you can take this journey as far as you wish to go.

Course Inclusions

  • Be taught how to use Reiki to heal yourself first and how to help those around you.
  • Learn about the different energy centres in your body and how they have an impact on your energy levels, your emotions and how you perceive the world.
  • A series of guided meditations where you will listen to your inner intuition.
  • Receive a healing that will begin the process of clearing past karma, allowing you to move forward and fill you with new energy.
  • Practical session learning how to use Reiki to heal yourself and others.
  • A healing using Reiki.
  • Comprehensive course notes.
  • You will be allocated to a private group where you can ask questions and gain support whenever you need it.
  • Maximum of 8 people per class.

Price: $250

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