Reiki Two

Energy Healing

About Reiki Two

Reiki Two focuses on the emotional, mental and karmic healing process in the person receiving the attunement.  It is a time where old emotions may be healed, or come forward. Healing on emotional levels from previous experiences in this lifetime, and even past life experiences may present themselves for healing.

You will be taught ancient symbols that will increase the intent of your hands on healing and also allow you to send distant healing. Sending Reiki (love) to a person, situation or event makes healing exciting and incredibly rewarding.  When we cannot be present we often feel powerless and guilty that we can not help. With level 2 you are able to immediately begin the process of sending healing.  When you send distant healing you are receiving healing as well, which provides comfort to you as the healer. As you are putting your healing energies into use and and you learn how to fully utilise this technique it changes your entire outlook on all outcomes to peoples illnesses and situations.  You will acquire understanding about the situation, leaving you relaxed and calm, and better knowing how to deal with situations than you have experienced before.

Course Inclusions

  • Learn about Aura’s and how to protect your energy
  • Learn about our Energy Bodies
  • Being attuned to the healing energy of Reiki 2
  • A series of guided meditations to help you listen to your inner thoughts
  • Be taught 3 ancient symbols and how they can be used to increase your intent with your healing and heal physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. And learn how to heal the past, present and future.
  • Learn about Psychic Healing/Distant Healing and do 4 practical exercises where you will learn how to send love and healing to people from a distance.
  • Learn how to use Reiki to manifest and clear negative energy in your home
  • Practical session learning how to use Reiki to heal yourself and others
  • Comprehensive course notes
  • A healing using Reiki

Price: $300

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