About Me

Authentic Self

I am a person who has always looked for the justice around me and understood the effect my actions have on the world.

While I completed high school I worked for a party plan company where I would sell and teach people about essential oils and candles. I worked with extraordinary psychics and mediums and that was my world while completing year 12 and working in a supermarket. My bedroom was filled with crystals, candles and charms and I would spend hours sticking crystals around my windows and doors. I was the teenager who would make spell bags for friends and make wishes over candles. While working for this company I rediscovered Reiki in 1997 and once attuned I was the one who would offer healing to those around me and to friends and family.

To be a healer gave me a sense of self and confidence. I enjoyed leading others and people would naturally come to me for help and assistance, and I found myself completing a degree with a major in Psychology, working in administration roles, human resources and recruitment.

I always had a strong intuition and would use it in my work, life and when people came to me for advice.

It was in 2011 that I had my first son and we decided that I would stay at home and be with him. It is interesting that at this time that I began to lose my identity. When I lost an audience to validate me as being useful I began to lose my confidence in myself. I took on a job that was out of line with who I was and it perpetuated my belief that I was no longer good enough. We then had our second son and I really spiralled down, it was as though a darkness began to surround me and I didn’t know how to reach out of it. I lost my connection to myself.

It was in the beginning of 2014 that I learnt of a teacher who was a psychic medium and something in me stirred. A voice said to me “ you use to love anything of a spiritual nature you should learn more”. I attended an Evening with Spirit where messages were provided to an audience from spirit. I remember walking into the room and my legs almost failed me, I had such a strong sense that I had found my home. The other people who were helping on the night were so familiar. I remember seeing some crystals in the room and like a flash I said to my friend “I use to like crystals”. That was the beginning of me making the decision that I did not like the dark place I had found myself in, I remembered the confidence I use to have and a small part of me started to tell me, that I had to be who I was for me, and not to need to validation of others to feel valued. This is a constant discussion I have with myself everyday.

With the extensive help of my teacher, guides, earth angels and from myself I embarked on a spiritual journey which is connecting me back with the beautiful light being that I am. I know that I am a spiritual being that has reincarnated as a human and that I am responsible for my reality and the life that I lead. I know that it is my responsibility to choose how I am going to feel and what impact I am going to have on those around me.

Since 2014 I re completed Reiki One, Reiki Two, Reiki Masters, Seichim, Seichim Masters, Karuna 1, Karuna 2, Karuna Masters, and Shamballa.

I am always learning and I am grateful for all that I do not understand as every day I have a chance to learn more.

I believe that we are all responsible for our own journey although when the timing is right people who can help us, walk with us and help.

I believe in kindness, compassion, and having a strong sense of my impact on other people around me but not sacrificing my own energy for others. Because I believe in free will and choice, I don’t believe that others are any different. I will always encourage joy, optimism and free will and teach others that they are powerful beings on their own journey. It is hard sometimes because when students are learning they have a false belief that I am conquered parts of my journey and that they need me in order for them to conquer their own. I always teach that everyone’s journey is different, and the skills that you have are perfect for you. The lessons that you receive are perfect for you and that you are the ideal person to handle anything that comes your way in your own way. When we find ourselves comparing ourselves to others that is a real cause of depression and anxiety.

So, I will provide unconditional love through Reiki, I will point out areas that can be healed and when asked I will provide help to the absolute best of my ability. However, I will never make anyone feel that I am the only one to help, that my way is the only way, as that impacts on another’s free will.

For me, our belief in our power, our free will is incredibly important.

I now find myself being a full time energy healer and teacher and every single day I thank myself for my decisions so far. I thank those that have helped me and I am thankful for a new day to do something that brings me joy and something that brings joy to those around me.

I offer one on one healings in person and over distance and it brings me so much joy to teach others Reiki and help them to remember who they are.